Meet the Team


Founded in 2017 by two college friends, Hyperion Development strives to provide quality software solutions that last. You’ve seen our showcase (if not, please click here); now please meet the space monkeys that love to craft your product.

Mr Menos

Ryan Maas

Lead Developer

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Ryan likes only one of those things, however he does love The Office. An avid fan of Star Wars and an aspiring X-Wing pilot, Ryan likes to hike with his dog Maya and his wife Kaitlyn. He graduated from Furman University, where he the met the resident color guy Derek Nelsen, in 2015 and has lived in beautiful Greenville, SC since then.

Dr Derek

Derek Nelsen

Lead Designer

Crayola Specialist, Derek Nelsen, is known to most of his friends as "The Art Goblin" because of his obsession to be "the very best, like no one ever was." He graduated from Furman university, where he studied Graphic Design and received his BA degree. Outside of work, Derek will sometimes functionally shred the git-fiddle (guitar) or, if you're lucky, the ukulele. He also greatly appreciates the art of craft beer, cooking, and other culinary-related activities. When he needs to isolate from the rest of the world, Derek plugs into a good audio book. If you want to get to know Derek, please be prepared with a good (or bad) pun to share. Also, be aware that you need to enjoy, or a least have knowledge of the following: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and everything Christopher Nolan.